Sketch App Rocks! Index of all awesome things related to Sketch Sun, 20 Aug 2017 21:09:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 UI8 Unlimited Lifetime Pass Sun, 20 Aug 2017 21:09:26 +0000 Continue reading]]> Get lifetime, unlimited access to all 859 design resources and save over $23,632.

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Sketchkeys Shortcut Stickers Mon, 14 Aug 2017 08:32:27 +0000 Continue reading]]> If you love shortcuts, then you’re going to love this pack of Sketchkey stickers. Used by designers and developers from the likes of Google, Netflix and Facebook, they’re proving to live up to their awesomeness.

Accelerate your designing development workflows. Learn Sketch shortcuts easily with beautiful keyboard stickers. Get yours now 👌

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80 printable wireframe templates Thu, 16 Mar 2017 19:54:26 +0000 Continue reading]]> Designed and developed for a wide selection of devices; including templates for desktop, icon, mobile, tablet and watch design. All wireframe templates have been designed with a special focus, to increase the value of your ideas.

  • Desktop: Browser featuring a set of 12, 9, 6, 3 and 2 columns.
  • Icon: Rounded square, circular and free form guides.
  • Mobile: Great for iPhone, Android or Windows phones.
  • Tablet: Perfect for iPad and Android tablets.
  • Watch: Made for the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

No matter platform, whether you are working on iOS, Android, Windows, a new responsive website or if you are designing for the Apple Watch or Android Wear, your mockups will rock!

The various grids have been crafted with incredible, obsessive care. It’s not just a random dot grid or some nicely laid out columns, but a well-thought-out system that have been applied throughout all wireframes; creating an unparalleled consistency between all devices.

All sheets are available in two sizes, A4 and Letter. Ready to be printed!

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6000 Vector Icons for UI/UX Thu, 16 Mar 2017 18:06:20 +0000 Continue reading]]> Those Icons is a huge, growing icon set for designers and developers. All of the icons are created with precision on same guide system to make them the most consistent icons ever. Also they have two diferent grid sizes for their base, 24 and 30 pixels.

All Icons come from hand sketches for a unique touch, witch are then drawn in vector format with pixel perfection. You can easily edit the color, line thickness and size of all icons.

It took over 6 months to come out with the first set that contains 6000 icons in 2 styles, line and glyph. We made a great research on icons anatomy that are most effective to communicate.

File formats:
.ai, .eps, .sketch, .csh, .png, .svg, .iconjar, .pdf and webfonts.

We got a hold of our set here at Sketchapp Rocks HQ and we can only say that they are probably one of the most advanced and comprehensive icon sets on the market. Go get em’ now whilst they have a 40% discount.

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230+ Professional Mockups Wed, 01 Mar 2017 15:09:03 +0000 Continue reading]]> Present your digital projects at a whole new level. With this bundle you can showcase all your mobile apps, websites, tools and any other digital projects placed in real devices with realistic effects.

Enjoy all mockups at 8 different angles in super high resolution (4K) with changeable background, color, shadows and reflection.

Available for both Sketch and Photoshop.

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Facebook OS X App Concept Tue, 28 Feb 2017 17:24:52 +0000 Continue reading]]> A visual concept of the design for Facebook OS X by Lorenzo Bocchi. What’s even better is that he’s provided the source files 😉

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Galacticons Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:11:24 +0000 Continue reading]]> Galacticons has finally made it’s final approach! Dive in and check out these out of this world set of 28 space related icons! Galacticons was designed in Sketch and Illustrator, and includes PNG files for each individual icon. With such a unique individual style and vector shapes, these icons are sure to blow your mind for your next project! Exclusively crafted by UI8.

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App Design with Sketch Tue, 28 Feb 2017 13:01:24 +0000 Continue reading]]> Sketch has become the best tool for designing mobile Apps. It is used by the most innovative and disrupting Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, IBM, Paypal and many more.

In this course you’re going to learn the essentials of an outstanding App Design from the Idea, to Wireframes, the Final UI in Sketch to a Prototype which works almost like a real App!

Do you have something in mind that could change the world? Are you a developer and want to get a deep understanding about UI and UX and design methods? Do you want to earn a living by following your passion and creating the digital future?

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Nudged Plugin Tue, 28 Feb 2017 12:38:47 +0000 Continue reading]]> Nudged is a Sketch plugin that allows you to quickly and easily edit your Sketch’s nudge distance settings.

Allowing you to nudge by specified intervals or space objects based on a given pixel size. Great if you are using a 8-point/custom grid where nudging by the default 10px doesn’t make sense.

Supports decimal values. If you’ve always wanted to be able to nudge by 0.5px – Well now you can!

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Invoice By Alto Sun, 26 Feb 2017 16:39:59 +0000 Continue reading]]> Freelancers, Contractors and Small Businesses like to get paid. We built an app for that very reason. It features the ability to log working hours, create and send estimates and invoices. Customize beautifully designed invoice templates. Get paid via Stripe, PayPal, Square Cash and more… We could go on and on about it (It’s feature-rich! With a clean, easy to use UI!). We won’t though. Because you have things to do, like write invoices and count your earnings. So, download Alto Invoicing for free and start getting paid right away.

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